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Hall of Fame

Level Zenith

  1. Kobe Li 🇭🇰 (05/17/2021 05:54 GMT, internal tester)

    "Finally it comes to an end and you did it! From January to May, I met minson on Discord, seeing him play my riddle and others, get inspired and create this masterpiece. I feel honoured to witness so and participate in testing! This is surely one of the most enjoyable online riddles. It is full of cleverly designed puzzles, while starting with friendly introductory levels. The final level has an elegant structure and really brings you to the zenith. Moreover, it is such an excellent marriage with Maths that both refreshed my memory and taught me new knowledge, while maintaining appropriate technicality. Thank you for all the hard work! I would recommend everyone to try these elegant puzzles."

  2. MishuAnubis 🇷🇴 (05/18/2021 20:00 GMT, internal tester)

    "from a math teacher to a math riddler creator: Well done!! Very good levels, good ideas and sad that is over"

  3. shaharc 🇮🇱 (05/21/2021 10:04 GMT)

    "Very good riddle, although quite tough in some of the later parts for non math experts. I did learn a lot from it and hope to see another riddle from you in the future. Thanks again 🙂"

  4. zitman 🇨🇳 (05/24/2021 19:31 GMT)

    "It was a fantastic journey in Zenith! So many brilliant ideas! I even read a paper to solve one of the sublevels and had a great fun! And thank Minson so much for his constant help along the way :)"

  5. sable 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (05/27/2021 14:27 GMT)

    "What a wonderful and challenging journey. Thanks so much Minson."

  6. LiahnovTechenski 🇷🇺 (05/28/2021 18:22 GMT, internal tester)

    "This is an elegant combination of math, riddling, and fun. Thank you for the hard work, brilliant ideas, and for introducing the hidden gems in math to everyone."

  7. Mtn.Laurel 🇺🇸 (05/29/2021 13:34 GMT)

    "Always sorry to see a journey come to an end. Thank you so much for the great riddle and special thanks for being available for giving those helpful nudges when perplexed. Special thanks to my faithful friend in Wales who always lends a helping hand. BRAVO! Minson, hope to see you in the next riddle."

  8. Shen Qiang 🇨🇳 (05/30/2021 12:40 GMT)

    "Of course, the final level is a well-designed metapuzzle as expected. Thanks to the site creator for learning so many puzzle ideas from him. Hoping to solve more puzzles on other sites. BTW: Personally, my favorite level designs are those making good use of some coincidences."

  9. Catz 🇮🇱 (06/11/2021 04:26 GMT)

    "Finally made it to the end! Level Zenith was definitely my favorite part of Combinats, with nice and quick progress, and the occasional not too hard, but challenging maths. Huge thanks to all the people who've helped me through the game, and a massive thank you to minson for creating this game!"

  10. Cid309 🇬🇷 (09/26/2021 13:30 GMT)

    "Zenith done! This second part of the riddle requires a change of mentality, as the clues are now more cryptic and the eggs rather sparse. Hang on til the end!"

  11. umsyt 🇺🇸 (10/07/2021 13:44 GMT)

    "Thanks for everything. All the new ideas i'd never seen and the old ones renewed, as well as the help along the way."

  12. Selenium 🇨🇳 (11/04/2021 15:09 GMT)

    "Nice game! 37, 46, 48 and theta are my favourite."

  13. Bojan 🇷🇸 (01/17/2022 17:51 GMT)

    "Great Riddle!"

Level 48

  1. Kobe Li 🇭🇰 (04/10/2021 04:46 GMT, internal tester)

    "These 18 levels are really an ascension, full of unique and clever ideas while learning some good math. Thanks and can't wait for the final levels!"

  2. MishuAnubis 🇷🇴 (04/10/2021 14:25 GMT, internal tester)

    "the new set of levels bring up some intersting ideas, waiting to see how final will be ..."

  3. shaharc 🇮🇱 (04/13/2021 08:15 GMT)

    "Thank you minson for another set of wonderful levels. I really enjoyed the logic of the levels and the challenge. I am now preparing myself for the rest..."

  4. trinih 🇪🇸 (04/21/2021 20:23 GMT)

    "Please make more levels (and actualize them in Riddler too)!!!"

  5. LiahnovTechenski 🇷🇺 (05/01/2021 18:17 GMT)

    "New levels bring a lot of challenges and aha moments, my personal favorites are 36 & 41, thank you again for the great riddles"

  6. zitman 🇨🇳 (05/16/2021 22:14 GMT)

    "Lots of challenges and fun in these new levels! Really refreshed lots of great math"

  7. makateller 🇹🇷 (05/17/2021 08:44 GMT)

    "Riddle ideas are interesting and challenging."

  8. sable 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (05/17/2021 22:59 GMT)

    "Thanks so much for this riddle. Love the different ideas, and also the maths - I haven't studied maths for about 45 years and those levels have made me return to memories of childhood. 🙂"

  9. Mtn.Laurel 🇺🇸 (05/18/2021 18:26 GMT)

    "Have really enjoyed your interesting, challenging, tricky riddle! Thanks, for not making it too 'techie' for a 'layperson'. Lots of good intrigue which comes through after the fact a lot of times. I will probably be meandering around the mansion for a long while!"

  10. Shen Qiang 🇨🇳 (05/22/2021 12:59 GMT)

    "These puzzles require some math. Personally, I prefer puzzles requiring DEPTH of knowledge to those requiring BREADTH. Taking a deep breath, and can't wait to see you in Zenith."

  11. Cid309 🇬🇷 (09/12/2021 15:44 GMT)

    "Great riddle, and one that I felt was fair all the way, the hints really did help with keeping me on the right track. I'd say an above average maths backgound is required for some of the harder levels, but your mileage may vary"

  12. Preslava 🇧🇬 (09/20/2021 07:01 GMT)

    "Very good and creative riddle. Sometimes it was too difficult for my taste, but I enjoyed it very much and learnt many new things. Thank you."

  13. umsyt 🇺🇸 (10/06/2021 13:44 GMT)

    "Great riddle! Some parts were tough, but other levels made up for them. I was always delighted when one in a subject i dearly knew came up."

  14. Selenium 🇨🇳 (10/14/2021 05:34 GMT)

    "Zenith, here I come!"

  15. Bojan 🇷🇸 (01/04/2022 19:47 GMT)

    "Great Riddle!"

Level 30 (closed)

  1. Kobe Li 🇭🇰 (03/26/2021 04:37 GMT, internal tester)

    "A set of well executed puzzles with unique ideas. Especially love those math-related puzzles which refreshed my memory. Good job and looking forward to the next levels."

  2. MishuAnubis 🇷🇴 (03/26/2021 05:30 GMT, internal tester)

    "Very good levels, all logical and well done. "

  3. shaharc 🇮🇱 (03/27/2021 09:45 GMT)

    "Great riddle so far, some levels are quite challenging. I also learnt several new things along the way. Looking forward for the rest of the levels. Thank you for creating it :)"

  4. Rafa 🇨🇱 (03/31/2021 00:29 GMT)

    "Good set of levels with some cool math in between. I specially liked the last one. Curious to see the next levels!"

  5. Flan 🇨🇱 (03/31/2021 00:39 GMT)

    "I'm gonna need help trying to find something to do with this new knowledge I've gained..."

  6. Brad Zhao 🇨🇳 (03/31/2021 13:26 GMT)

    "A series of thoughtfully designed riddles that shine with brilliance and originality. Meant to be savored at a leisurely pace rather than rushed through. Be prepared to get challenged, get lost, experience aha moments, and learn something new along the way. Don't be too frustrated when stuck because discord guild is always by your side. Thanks for creating this wonderful game, Minson!"

  7. Ghosts the Elder 🇺🇸 (04/05/2021 05:31 GMT)

    "Thanks for creating this! Lots of fun and can't wait for more 🙂"

  8. trinih 🇪🇸 (04/06/2021 20:25 GMT)

    "I can't wait for your new levels. THANK YOU!!!"

  9. LiahnovTechenski 🇷🇺 (04/23/2021 07:29 GMT)

    "Great riddles, a real collection of clever ideas, I am pleasantly surprised by math-themed levels along the way. Thanks for creating this game!"

  10. makateller 🇹🇷 (04/30/2021 20:39 GMT)

    "Thank you for the great riddle"

  11. mehroon 🇮🇳 (05/02/2021 01:07 GMT)

    "Thanks for a very informative and enjoyable riddle. Getting to learn something new along the way, especially in mathematics. Hope to see the levels extended upto 100."

  12. zitman 🇨🇳 (05/02/2021 21:18 GMT)

    "Really impressed by the cool Math-related ideas! And lvl 18 is my favorite :)"

  13. adsyo 🇦🇷 (05/05/2021 19:22 GMT)

    "Amazing riddle. A great concept of combining ideas on every level and a very clever and interesting use of several math topics. It gets hard but even the most challenging levels always have enough thread to pull to not feel stuck. Thank you very much for the experience so far, and on to the second part!"

  14. Bojan 🇷🇸 (05/15/2021 14:27 GMT)

    "Great Riddle!"

  15. Shen Qiang 🇨🇳 (05/18/2021 14:44 GMT)

    "Thanks to the site creator for introducing, as well as making his own, puzzle sites. I do like these puzzles very much."

  16. Queen 🇺🇸 (05/26/2021 08:15 GMT)

    "A real Masterpiece here, The best thing about this riddle so far is that everything has a purpose and makes sense, Definitely one of the most well-constructed and Clever riddles I ever played. Love the Riddler Format (Thanks Emoon#1984) Hope the last levels are as entertaining. Minson 🏆 👍 👏"

  17. Mtatt100 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (07/06/2021 11:19 GMT)

    "Thanks for making this riddle looking forward to the rest."