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The game of Combinats

Combinats is an HTML-based online riddle game. It consists of a series of webpages, and one needs to solve riddles given on them to proceed to the next one. The riddles are about various topics, including mathematics, cryptography, languages, geography, sports, and so on. During the journey, you need to explore fun stuff and connect ideas in the hints to make progress. You can play the game almost entirely in a web browser. In order to finish the journey, you'd better have creativity and patience. If you get stuck at some point, you may seek help from resource listed here and the Help section.

How to play Combinats

In each level, you begin with a webpage that contains a riddle and your goal is to find an alphanumeric answer to the riddle to proceed to the next level.

You may find other related webpages/files within this website, and useful information and hints in

  • the titles of the webpages;
  • the pictures of the webpages;
  • the HTML source files of the webpage;
  • the other related files.

You may also need some external resources including

and others.

Whenever you find something meaningful, you may try it in the url of the webpages. For the final answer of each level, its format has two possibilities:

  • an alphanumeric string. In this case, you delete all spaces in your answer, convert all uppercase letters to lowercase letters and non-English letters to English letters, then get a <string>; next you can change the last part of the url to <string>.htm to proceed to the webpage of the next level.
  • a pair of username and password, both contain lowercase letters only. In this case, there should be a natural way to separate your answer into an username and a password, and on the page of current level, there is always the link to another folder in this website. So you can click the link, and enter the username/password in a popup box to enter the new folder, which will automatically redirect to the webpage of the next level.

The meaning of "Combinats"

"Combinat" is the prefix of the mathematical branch of combinatorics, and it also hints that this game is a combination of many topics, not only mathematics. The "s" in the end is a hint of the plural form, and it happens that the domain "" was still available. So I decided to name this game after "Combinats".

The author

I am minson, a guy from China who is interested in puzzles and knowledge in various areas. I managed to reach the Hall of Fame of the following online riddles:

  • Cipher: I am in the old HoF of Level 50 (under another name I prefer not to disclose).
  • RNS Riddle: I am the 12th solver of its temporary final part Level Null.
  • The String Harmony: I am the 8th group of solvers of its final part Level 50.
  • Alternate Visions: I am among the first few people who finished level 49 and reached the current Temp End as of October 2021. Unfortunately the website is down now indefinitely.

To know more about me, here is where you can find me:

Last update: 05/26/2023.