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I am grateful to many people for inspirations of ideas and technical supports. In particular,

  • GameMasterTips 🇨🇦 - For ideas in Cipher.
  • rnightshroud 🇵🇭 - For ideas in RNS Riddle and technical supports on building this website.
  • Emoon 🇧🇷 - For technical help on setting up the Discord server and creating and maintaining the previous auxillary tool Riddler.
  • Kobe Li 🇭🇰 - For ideas in The String Harmony and testing the levels in Combinats.
  • Shen Qiang 🇨🇳 - For testing the levels and the ideas of Level 32 and 35.
  • Tim Krins 🇦🇺 and romanmutin 🇷🇺 - For the idea of Level 16.
  • Brad Zhao 🇨🇳 - For finding a game-breaking bug in Level 30 and many useful suggestions to improve the game.
  • Zhiyuan Chen 🇨🇳 - For introducing MkDocs to me.

Thank you very much!

Last update: 11/11/2022.