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This page provides some help to your journey in Combinats.

Hints on early levels

  • Level 1: Just follow the instruction.
  • Level 2: HTML webpages may have more information in their sources.
  • Level 3: Each of the 26 letters in English alphabet corresponds to a number naturally.
  • Level 4: If this guy has one less edge, it would be a hexagon.
  • Level 5: Each picture may have its own property. You can take a look either in File Explorer or using online EXIF tools.
  • Level 6: The codes only contain 0 and 1...and what does the title mean?
  • Level 7: Now you are on your own...

Useful tools

  • For pictures, in most cases you just need to check their properties, the following online EXIF tool is enough.

  • Occasionally you may want to search pictures based on their contents. In this case Google Image is the top choice (click the camera icon to search by image).

  • For various cipher systems, the following tools are very useful.

  • For anagrams and getting the words of answer, the following tools are recommended.

  • For recognizing Unicode and other characters, the following tool is convenient.

What will not be in Combinats

  • There are no audio-related levels.
  • There are no pictures with visual information not visible on surface. In other words, you don't need any image-editing tool to find hidden visual information in the pictures.
  • There might be riddle-related files with other file formats. Nonetheless, they are all accessible within popular web browsers.

Last update: 05/26/2023.